05 July 2013

BOOK: Insights into Trusts Law: In the Channel Islands and beyond

The Institute of Law [- Jersey] has published Insights into Trusts Law: In the Channel Islands and beyond, a transcript of the proceedings of their conference in October 2012, edited by Scott Atkins, Senior Lecturer, University of Derby. The contributors include Sir Philip Bailhache, Sir Michael Birt, Advocate James Mews, Professor Paul Matthews, Robert Ham, QC, Professor Luc Thévenoz, Professor Paolo Panico, Michael McAuley, John Rimmer, Advocate Steven Meiklejohn.
The trust laws of the Channel Islands today stem from the new model trust law pioneered by Jersey in 1984.  This did not look at the trust through the prism of the (English) Trustee Acts 1893 and 1925, which are the models in many other trust law states.  Instead Jersey struck out on its own to produce legislation of a kind more suitable for an offshore finance centre in the late twentieth century, and in particular one whose customary law was rooted in the civil rather than the common law tradition. Of course the world has moved on since 1984.  Guernsey adopted a similar model within a few years, and since then their respective legislatures have played a friendly game of ‘improvement ping-pong’, each seeking to enhance their trust law offering to the domestic and international legal marketplace.

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