13 June 2013

CONFERENCE: Law and the Muslim World

Law and the Muslim World
International Conference
30 October 2013

This conference is set out to be a forum of international scholars who can offer contributions in so far as the concept and practice of law are concerned within the Islamic world and as they are seen by Muslim nations within international frameworks. The topics are but not restricted to the following:

-Constitutional Law
Law profession and lawyers i.e. attorneys, solicitors, barristers...
- The courts of law and their competence
- Judges: their qualities and qualifications
- Judicial Systems
- Judiciary and Governments
- The modern law Scholars and Shariah lawyers (fuqaha) and their interaction
- Islamic Law
- Its role in making mundane law historically 
-  Its role in making mundane law in modern times
- Ideal legal form of government from as envisaged by Islamic scholars
- Regional Study of Law 
- East Asia
- Middle East
- North Africa
- Central Asia
- Europe
- Americas 
- Comparative Law
- International Law
- Muslim nations and their part in formulation of the international law
- The interaction of the Muslim nations with the international law and its instruments and agencies
- Transitional Justice
- Law and Economic Growth
- Law Enforcement 

Abstracts Submission Deadline: 2013-09-30

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