12 June 2013

BLOG: I-CONnect, a New Scholarly Blog on Comparative Public Law

The Current IssueI-CONnect, a new scholarly blog on comparative public law. 

I-CONnect (http://www.iconnectblog.com) is the online companion to I-CON, the International Journal of Constitutional Law (http://icon.oxfordjournals.org), which is published jointly by Oxford and NYU.

I-CONnect welcomes submissions on any subject of comparative public law. Posts can range from 600 to 3000 words, though most submissions have been roughly 700-1000 words. I-CONnect is not associated with the YCC or the American Society of Comparative Law but I-CONnect has received submissions from several members of the YCC, including Donald Childress, Claudia Haupt, David Landau, Sudha Setty and Ozan Varol. 

Submissions, preferably in Microsoft Word format, will be accepted at any time via email to richard.albert@bc.edu.

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