27 June 2013

CONFERENCE: Fifth National Spanish Conference on Legal Education

Fifth National Spanish Conference on Legal Education
Transformations in Legal Teaching and Learning ”
11-13 september 2013
Valencia, Spain
The School of Law, Universitat de Valencia, with the support of the Human rights Institute, announces that registration is now open for the Fifth National Spanish Conference on Legal Education. The Conference will be held at School of Law, Campus dels Tarongers, Valencia (Spain).

The title of the Conference is “Transformations in Legal Teaching and Learning ” and the following sub-themes will be explored:

1. Competence-based teaching methodology in Criminology, Legal and Political studies
2. Quality in learning and teaching Law, Criminology, and Political Sciences and Public Administration
3. Active methodologies for learning/teaching Law, Criminology and Political Science and Public Administration
4.Learning from reality and experience: legal clinics
5. Ubiquitous learning: ICT for education, e-learning, social networks, teaching platforms…
6. Teaching Law through films and literature
7. Learning assessment
8. Teaching/learning for society: social function of Universities, pro bono activities, public interest strategies in Law….
9. Implementing Degrees and Postgraduate studies in the Bologna Process of a European Higher Education Area
10. Teaching and research internationalization
11. Scientific dissemination of Law, Criminology, and Politicial Science teaching
12. Training the trainers

Most of panels are in spanish but some of them are in english, specifically those related to clinical legal education. Please check the programme.

Throughout the full conference, delegates will be able to explore innovative ideas about legal teaching methodologies, existing university legal clinics or discuss about quality in legal education, Teaching and research internationalization, Scientific dissemination, Bologna Process and other aspects of the law school curriculum.

Call for papers and proposals

We invite contributions for academic papers, case studies, round table discussions or workshops. You can find full details of the requirements at:

Paper submission deadline: 30 june 2013.
Registration and fees

To register for the conference, complete the registration form available on the conference page of the website. The regular fee is 150 €. The fees will increase to 200€ after 30 May 2013.

More information

Further details about the conference, including online registration, can be found at www.uv.es/innodret

Contact: innodret@uv.es

Conference Planning Committee: José García Añón (Chair)
Local Planning Committee: María Elena Olmos Ortega, Gemma Fabregat, Lourdes Ferrando, Rafael Marimón Durá, Javier Palao Gil, Javier Plaza Penadés, Ángeles Solanes Corella.
Scientific Committee: Frank S. Bloch, Antoni Font Ribas, Catherine F. Klein, Javier García Medina, Maria Marquès i Banqué, María Elena Olmos Ortega, Richard J. Wilson.

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