08 May 2013

OPPORTUNITY: Belarus and Specialized Courts

This memorandum is to notify you that the ABA-UNDP International Legal Resource Center (ILRC) has received a request from UNDP/Belarus to facilitate the improvement of the court system through the development of specialized courts. This is primarily a home-based opportunity with one mission trip to Minsk. The expert will work for 18 working days between May and June 2013 and travel to Minsk to deliver a lecture at the Institute of Re-training and Upgrading Qualification of Judges, Prosecutors and Legal Professionals.

Access to justice is recognized as a critical issue by the Government of the Republic of Belarus. Through this project the Government of Belarus and the UN continue the joint efforts towards ensuring the rule of law and access to a fair trial for the population of Belarus. The ultimate goal of the UNDP project is to ensure that the population of Belarus, including marginalized and vulnerable groups, enjoy access to justice through an effective and professional court system supported by the specialization of courts and judges, which has been identified as an important prerequisite for effective and professional court system functioning. This will be achieved through support for the full-scale specialization of courts as prescribed in the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus and further improvement of the legislation concerning the court system. Further to this goal, the project will contribute to the systematic and continuous professionalization of judges through life-long education.

The expert will be responsible for conducting of the expertise of the pre-final version (draft) of the Concept and delivery of the presentation of the results of their expertise at the Roundtable devoted to developing of a concept paper including a set of recommendations towards further improvement of the legislation and practice in the administration of justice in Belarus (Institute for Re-training and Upgrading Qualifications of Judges, Prosecutors and Legal Professionals at the Belarussian State University, Minsk, Belarus).

S/he must have: a) an advanced degree in Law or related field; b) at least 8 years of legal experience; c) a minimum of three years of experience of working in the administration of courts on the decision-making positions; d) a minimum of three years of essential experience in participation in the national (international) associations of lawyers on the decision-making positions; e) understanding of EU and Eastern European judicial systems and the political context of Belarus is a plus; f) experience in the EU and elsewhere working with judicial systems and court reform; g) ability to address an audience of judges and legal professionals (a minimum of 3 lectures); h) excellent legal research and presentation, analytical, and drafting skills; i) experience with UNDP (other UN entities) or another reputable international organizations in the field is a plus; j) fluency in written and oral English and/or German, Russian and Belarusian).

Additional information, including proposal forms, are available from Jacqueline.Gichinga@americanbar.org.

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