06 May 2013


Co-Sponsored by the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law and Juris Diversitas
3 & 4 June 2013
Lausanne, Switzerland 

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Monday, June 3, 2013

8:30-9:30              Registration, Coffee
                                Welcoming Address

9:30-10:30           Plenary – Keynote
                                Chair: Seán Patrick Donlan

·        Four Circles of Diffusion Infusing the Legal System of Turkey,

Esin Örücü, University of Glasgow (Scotland)

10:30-11:00         Break

11:00-12:15         Parallel Sessions I

I.A          History, Semiotics, and Normative Translation
·         Raw Law: Ancient and Modern Matter, Bronwyn Lay, European Graduate School, Saas Fee (Switzerland)
·         Diffusion of Legal Codes: A Semiotic View, Mariano Croce, Centre for Law and Cosmopolitan Values, Antwerp (Belgium)
·         The Significance of Normative Translation in the Diffusion of Law, Ko Hasegawa, University of Hokkaido (Japan)

I.B           Diffusion and Contamination in Family Law
·         Diffusion and the Family Law Revolution, Harry Willekens, Hildesheim and Hannover (Germany),
·         Diffuse Diffusion: The Example of Family Land in the Caribbean basin, Jane Glenn, McGill University (Canada)
·         The Contamination of Islamic law in UK: the Case of the “Special Guardianship”, Rita Duca, Palermo (Italy)
I.C           Domestication of Western Legal Ideas in the Near and Middle East
·         From the Civilizing Mission to the Domestication of Western Ideas and Laws: The Ottoman Mixed Commercial Courts in the Late Nineteenth Century, Zülâl Muslu, Max-Planck-Institut für europäische Rechtsgeschichte (Germany)
·         Lost in Translation: Codes, Judges and International Lawyers in Nineteenth-Century Egypt, Luigi Nuzzo, University of Salento (Italy)
·         The Diffusion of Western Legal Concepts in the Kuwaiti Legal System: An Examination of Selected Concepts from an Historical and Contemporary Perspective, Myra EJB Williamson, Kuwait International Law School (Kuwait)

12:15-14:00         Lunch

14:00-15:15         Parallel Sessions II

II. A        Institutional, Doctrinal, and Judicial Vehicles of Legal Diffusion
·         The Society for Comparative Legislation - A Vehicle for Legal Diffusion, David Schorr, Tel Aviv University (Israel)
·         Anglo-American Law in 20th Century Italy: Mario Sarfatti’s Contribution to Comparative Law, Annamaria Monti, University of Bocconi (Italy),
·         The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council: Common Law and its Localisation in the Commonwealth, Pamela Martino, University of Bari (Italy) 

II.B         Public Policy and Internal Diffusion of Norms
·         Public Policy as a Gate-keeper between Human Rights Law and Private Law in Italy, Pasquale Laghi, Treviso (Italy)
·         Public Policy and the Interface between National and Local Governance in Italy, Flavio Ponte, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano (Italy)
·         The Role of Public Policy in a Mixed Jurisdiction: the Maltese Experience, David E. Zammit, University of Malta (Malta)

II.C         Colonial and Postcolonial Legacy
·         Migration Policies and Legal Transplant in the Mediterranean Area: Control Strategies between Colonialism and Post-Colonialism, Eliana Augusti, University of Salento (Italy)
·         The Diffusion of Legal Culture in the Colonial and Post-Colonial Context: Two Israeli Stories Nir Kedar, University of Bar-Ilan (Israel)
·         Many Islands one Nation: Many Nations one Island, Sue Farran, Northumbria University (England)

15:15-15:45         Break

15:45-17:00         Parallel Sessions III

III.A        Challenging Legal Traditions and Families
·         Germany’s Plural Legal Culture, Russell A. Miller, Washington & Lee University (US)
·         Piecemeal Legal Origins, Alessandro Romano, LUISS Guido Carli, Rome (Italy)
·         Diffusion: On the Role of Translation in Circulating Legal Patterns, Sieglinde E. Pommer, Harvard University (USA) and Max-Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law (Germany)

III.B        Western Influences in the Asia Pacific Region
·         The Influence of American Law in the Asia Pacific Region, Alma Pekmezovic, La Trobe University (Australia)
·         Diffusion of Competition Law in Asia: Mutual Influence Among Peripheral Countries, Knut Fournier, University of Paris Nanterre (France) & University of Leiden (the Netherlands)
·         Freedom of Speech and Doctrine of Personal Privacy: a Comparative Law Analysis Originating from a South Korean Case,  Giovanni Tamburrini, Solbridge International School of Business (Korea)

III.C        Circulation of Institution and Standards in Criminal Justice
·         Adapting to the West? European Legal Traditions in Early Modern Russian Criminal Law, Marianna Muravyeva, University of Helsinki (Finland)
·         The Reception of the French Model of the Institution of the Prosecutor on the Lands of the Duchy of Warsaw, Damian Jagusz, University of Gdańsk  (Poland)
·         Diffusion of International Prisons Standards: The Case of The People’s Republic of China,  Elisa Nesossi, The Australian National University (Australia)

17:00-17:30         Break

17:30-18:30         Juris Diversitas General Meeting

18:30-19:30         Drinks

20:00                     Conference Dinner

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

9:00-9:30              Coffee

9:30-10:45           Parallel Sessions IV

IV.A       Revisiting the Geography and Notion of Legal Transplant
·         The Heterophoton of Legal Systems and Cultures: Legal Systems and Cultures as Moons, Antonios E. Platsas, University of Derby (England)
·         A Romanian Epistemology of Legal Transplant: The Theory of ”Forms without Substance” Manuel Gutan, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu (Romania)
·         Expanding Legal Geographies: A Call for a Critical Comparative Approach,  Alexandre Kedar, University of Haifa (Israel)

IV.B        Mixed Jurisdictions in Historical Perspective
·         Institutions d’origine musulmane dans le droit municipal castillan au Moyen âge (XIIe-XIIIe siècle), Marisa Bueno, University of Nantes (France)
·         Transplantation of Roman law in Jewish Legal tradition of France, Provence and Catalonia in the Middle Ages,  Nadezda Koryakina, University of Nantes (France)
·         Libel, Liberty and Security in the 1820s Cape Colony,  Kirsten McKenzie, University of Sydney (Australia)

IV.C        Diffusion of Small Business Entities
·         Missionaries as Carriers of the WLT in Africa under Colonial Rule: A Case from the Congo, Jacques Vanderlinden, Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, and Moncton, Canada
·         The property of Croatian Communal Households: Division per capita or per linea, or: Did the Austrian General Civil Code Alter the Concept of Family Cooperatives? Mirela Krešić, University of Zagreb (Croatia)
·         The Diffusion of Limited Companies with Extremely Low Capital throughout Europe, Alessio Bartolacelli, University of Trento (Italy)

10:45-11:15         Break

11:15-12:45         Parallel Sessions V

V.A         Moving Constitutional Doctrines: Theory and Practic
·         Diffusion of Anglo-American Social Contract Theory in Europe, Alessio Lo Giudice, University of Catania (Italy)
·         Direct Democracy and Metropolitan Fragmentation in Switzerland and in California: The Diffusion of Direct Democracy Instruments in the End of the 19th Century and its Effects on the Governance Models today in the Metropolitan Area, Thomas Favre-Bulle, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland)
·         Comparative Constitutional Jurisprudence: an Empirical Survey of the Influence of Foreign Law on South African Law through Constitutional Adjudication, Christa Rautenbach, North-West University (South Africa)

V.B         Eastern and Western Europe: Identity and Transplant
·         The “Margin of Appreciation” in EHRC Case Law a Boundary Line to Legal Transplants? Alessandra Pera, University of Palermo (Italy)
·         Legal Transplants in Russia: What do They Look Like and where to Find Them? Ekaterina Mouliarova, Regensburg (Germany) and the Moscow Lomonossow State University (Russia),
·         Legal Transplants and Legal Tradition in Russian Law, Irina Moutaye, The Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law (Russia)

V.C         Shifting Boundaries: Societies in Transition
·         The American Territories in the Light of International Law, in two Treatises of the Sixteenth Century,  Claudia Lopez, University of the Sea (Mexico)
·         The Transplantation of an International and Medieval European Legal Institution to the Tropical Wilderness: The Just War in Portuguese America´s Colonial Law (XVI-XIX Centuries), José Pina-Delgado, Instituto Superior de Ciências Jurídicas & Sociais Praia – Republic of Cape Verde (Cape Verde)
·         Transitions and Diffusion: Global Industries of Legal and Social Transformation, James Gallen, Dublin City (Ireland)

12:45-14:30         Lunch

14:30-15:45         Parallel Sessions VI

VI.A       Challenging and Rebuilding Homogeneity
·         Codes and Nations: For a Neo-Durkheimian Approach to Codification History, Nikolaus Linder, University of Göttingen (Germany)
·         Contamination of Different Penal Systems in the Duchy of Warsaw and the Kingdom of Poland - Polish and Foreign Traditions, Anna Klimaszewska and Michał Gałędek, University of Gdańsk (Poland)
·         Shape of Liability for Succession Debts in Evolving Circumstances, Elwira Macierzyńska -Franaszczyk, University of Kozminski (Poland)

VI.B        Legal Transplants in Recent Codes
·         Legal Transplants and the Relation between the Legal Framework and Judicial Practice: Albanian Case, Juliana Latifi, Justicia (Albania)
·         Implementation of the Foreseeability Clause into the New Hungarian Civil Code: Experiment on a Legal Transplant? Ádám Fuglinszky, Eötvös Loránd University (Hungary)
·         “Svěřenský fond (Trust)”:  Daring New Legal Transplant in the Czech Law, Kateřina Ronovská, Masaryk University Brno (Czech Republic)
VI.C        Mixed Jurisdictions on the Move
·         Pothier, Planiol, Gény, and Friends: How French Scholarship Shaped Louisiana Law, pour le meilleur et pour le pire, François-Xavier Licari, Université de Lorraine (France)
·         Diffusion and Civil Code in Louisiana, Biagio Ando, University of Catania (Italy)
·         Diffusion, Persistence, Mutation and Professional Strategies: On Marital Property in Cyprus, Nikitas Hatzimihail, University of Cyprus (Cyprus)

15:45-16:15         Break

16:15-16:45         Plenary Session
·         Micro-Jurisdictions Through the Westphalian Lens: a Research Proposal, Ignazio Castellucci, University of Trento (Italy) and University of Macau (China)

16:45-18:00         Plenary Session with Panel Discussion
·         Introductory remarks on Academic Formalism in France and the United States, Olivier Moréteau, Louisiana State University (USA)
·         Diffusion, Past and Future, Reshaping Comparative Law?, Franz Werro, University of Fribourg (Switzerland), Salvatore Mancuso, University of Cape Town (South Africa), Lukas Heckendorn Urscheler, Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (Switzerland), Seán Patrick Donlan, University of Limerick (Ireland)

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