12 May 2013

LAUNCH/PANEL: Islam and English Law

Book Launch and Panel Discussion
Temple Church, London, 3 June, 6 pm

Panel Chairman: Stephen Hockman, QC

Panellists to include: The Rt Rev and Rt Hon Lord Williams of Oystermouth (Rowan Williams), former Archbishop of Canterbury and Professor Maleiha Malik, King’s College London

The book to be launched is Robin Griffith-Jones (ed), Islam and English Law: Rights, Responsibilities, and the Place of Shari'a (Cambridge University Press, 2013). The book:

begins with the foundational lecture given for the Temple Church by Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, on an ‘inevitable’ accommodation between shari‛a and British law. The book’s following chapters – by lawyers, sociologists and theologians – look back on developments since the Archbishop spoke and forwards along trajectories, in family law and human rights, opened by his lecture. This evening we pursue these questions further. How are the rights of all citizens to be respected and their responsibilities met?

If you wish to attend, contact catherine@templechurch.com, 0207 353 8559, www.templechurch.com.

Thanks to Prakash Shah and Pluri-Legal for the information.

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