18 May 2013

JOURNAL: European Property Law Journal

European Property Law Journal

The following post appeared on the Maastricht European Private Law Blog yesterday:

Special Issue of the European Property Law Journal on M-EPLI’s round table on the functional method in property law

On Friday 17 June 2011, M-EPLI hosted its first Round Table Conference on the Use of the Functional Method in Comparative and European Property Law. The contributions to this Round Table Conference are now published in a special issue of the European Property Law Journal.

The Special Issue, which I have had the privilege of editing as a guest editor, offers various perspectives on the functional method of comparative law from Jaakko Husa, Wolfgang Faber, Arthur Salomons, Christine Godt, Sjef van Erp and myself, dealing with more general methodological challenges, as well as national, comparative and European Union property law challenges in this respect.

I hope this special issue can contribute to the debate on the use of the functional method by lawyers in general, as well as raise attention for the dynamic field that property law scholarship has become over the last decade or so. Especially also in the EU context, the field of property law increasingly is becoming more involved. See, in this respect, for example the CJEU’s recent decision on the Flemish Decree in Belgium, restricting acquisition of land to persons outside the local Flemish communities.

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