28 March 2013

OPPORTUNITY: Assistant Professor in Global Economic and Comparative Law, specializing in the Arabian Gulf Region

Position available in global economic and comparative law, specialized in the Arabian Gulf region

Sciences Po Law School and the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) are seeking to recruit an assistant professor in global economic and comparative law, specialized in the Arabian Gulf region for a private position and a two year contract.

The successful applicant must demonstrate significant research and teaching experience recognized on an international level in the field of global, comparative, economic law and theories of globalization. He/she must demonstrate good knowledge of development issues in the Middle East, and more specifically in the region of the Arabian Gulf. He/she must be open to multidisciplinary and have the capacity to coordinate research with academics in fields other than law. The originality and productivity of the research project and the methods will be essential in the assessment of the application.

The successful candidate will be required to teach 3 courses per year, both in the Law School and in PSIA. One of them will be on the Arab world or the Arabian Gulf. For example, a course-load might include one course on Global and Comparative Economic Law, one course on Law and Economics and one course on Economic Law in the Arabian World and/or the Gulf region. The successful applicant must therefore demonstrate experience in innovative teaching. He/She must be able to teach in English to students that are pursuing various professional goals.

This position is offered both by Sciences Po Law School and PSIA with the financial support of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences. The applicant may participate to the Kuwait Program of Sciences Po. He/She will spend one week a year in Kuwait to participate to meetings and public seminars.

The salary attached to the position will be competitive, determined in the light of international standards. The position will be open from September 1st 2013 for a two years period.


Applicant must apply by sending

- a cover letter explaining reasons for applying;
- a detailed resume with a complete list of the candidate's research work;
- a brief resume
- two examples of the candidate's main research work demonstrating his/her aptitude for fundamental and multidisciplinary research (articles and short research work may be send by mail)

The selection process will follow faculty appointment rules, which includes interviews of short-listed applicants. Interviews will take place at Sciences Po the week of May 20, 2013.

Application and research work must also be sent before 2013 April 15th by mail or post at Sciences Po – Edith Chabre; 27 rue Saint Guillaume; 75007 Paris; edith.chabre@sciences-po.fr

Sciences Po Law School: http://master.sciences-po.fr/droit/
Paris School of International Affairs: http://www.psia.sciences-po.fr/

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