25 March 2013

BOOK: Ladeur and Augsberg on Talmudic Tradition and Modern Legal Theory

Talmudische Tradition und moderne RechtstheorieTalmudische Tradition und moderne Rechtstheorie

Kontexte und Perspektiven einer Begegnung
Hrsg. v. Karl-Heinz-Ladeur u. Ino Augsberg

[Talmudic Tradition and Modern Legal Theory. Contexts and Perspectives of an Encounter.]

Published in German.

The Jewish legal tradition has seldom been a subject of research in German jurisprudence up to now. This tradition is however a fascinating field of study not only for comparative law but also for a modern legal theory which is interested in processes of pluralization and transnationalization of the law. Drawing on the debate in the USA and in a dialog with the views taken by other disciplines such as literary studies, political philosophy and Jewish studies, this volume undertakes to explore the conditions and perspectives of a dialog between the legal cultures.

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