19 February 2013

CALL FOR PAPERS: International Congress on Gender Violence: intersectionalities

International Congress on Gender Violence: intersectionalities  (IISJ Onati, July 10-12, 2013) 
The congress will be hosted by the International Institute for Sociology of Law, which is located in Oñati, Spain. Sessions will be held in both English and Spanish, with simultaneous translation provided for the final keynote speaker session. 
This congress is aimed at examining the main conceptual frameworks for thinking about gender violence. We invite participants to consider how useful the concept of gender violence is for tackling violence against women. We also particularly encourage papers that will examine the intersections of gender violence with other determinants of inequalities. Papers are invited from researchers working in the area of gender violence, as well as policy makers, practitioners and activists. We feel that this interdisciplinary framework may help to produce new conceptualisations of gender violence.
It is proposed to have sessions on:
    • New theoretical models of gender violence: questioning the primacy of gender inequality
    • The persistence of gender violence as a gendered phenomenon
    • The intersection of gender, race and ethnicity
    • Giving voice of marginalised women: disabled women’s experiences of violence
    • Debunking stereotypes of battered women: intersections of gender and class
    • Sexuality and violence
Abstracts should be submitted online before March 4th, 2013.  For further information, visit the IISJ website: www.iisj.net.

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