20 February 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT: Migration Policies and Legal Transplants in the Mediterranean Area Research Project

The Project is funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research and aims to reconstruct - from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective - the migration policies and transplantation of legal models and subjects in the Mediterranean Area from the mid-nineteenth century to the present.

In this work, the legal and historical approach of the universities of Lecce (Eliana Augusti), Ferrara (Michele Pifferi) and Napoli (Fulvio Maria Palombino) will be complimented and enriched by surveys on Africa (with a post-colonial approach) of the University of Pavia (Antoniomaria Morone).

The foreign partners of the Project are: the University of Limerick (Seán Patrick Donlan), the University of Malta (David E. Zammit) and the Équipe Poitevine de Recherce et d'Encadrement Doctoral en Sciences Criminelles (EPRED) of Poitiers.

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