18 January 2013

LECTURE: Jersey, the EU, and UK Sovereignty - Everything You Always Wanted to Know

logoIn this lecture Alastair Sutton will consider the relationship between Jersey and the EU, and the impact of UK sovereignty on it. He will focus particular attention on the increasingly isolated situation (politically and legally) of the UK and the implications which this may have for Jersey and other territories linked to the EU through the UK. – and the implications of the Channel Islands’ relationship with the EU if they were to make a move towards independence. 

He will also discuss the ongoing financial crisis in the EU: where things stand at the moment, where they might go and what impact it may have on the Channel Islands’ finance industry. The external dimension - of special interest to Jersey as a “third country” - will be covered, against the background of decisions being taken in the G20, IMF, OECD and other international organisations.

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