17 January 2013

BLOGS: Anthropology Blogs

Anthropology Blogs 2013
Anthropology Report recently compiled a list of Anthropology Blogs. 

They wrote the following:

Anthropology Blogs are a way to understand What is Anthropology. In 2013, anthropology unveils the This Is Anthropology–a big thanks to Jason Miller, Charlotte Noble, and Janelle Christensen for their work, and see their Neuroanthropology – This Is Anthropologycommentary.

As an attempt to catalog all current anthropology blogs, I first went to the 2012 Anthropology Blogs page. I clicked all the links and culled any that had not updated since June 2012. Then added some that have been sent to me. Antropologi.info continues to run a very nice collection of anthropology blog feeds, highlighting the most recent entries.

Please let me know about additions, or updated anthropology blogs that should be back on the list. I’ve also edited descriptions, mostly to try and make them shorter. Please let me know if you would prefer a different description or want to edit your entry.

Thinking of another reader survey like the December 2011 Favorite Anthropology Blogs. Please let me know any thoughts on possibly running that again.

Thank you and enjoy the anthropology blogs!

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