15 November 2012

UPDATE: Laws and Norms in the Mediterranean

Doing Justice: Official and Unofficial ‘Legalities’in Practice/Mediterranean Hybridity Project

File:Collage Rabat.jpgLast summer, Juris Diversitas held, with the Centre Jacques-Berque in Rabat, Morocco (18-19 June), a workshop on Doing Justice: Official and Unofficial 'Legalities' in PracticeThe workshop was linked to our ongoing Mediterranean Hybridity Project. A second meeting has been planned for March 2013 and a collection will be produced in 2013:

The proposed collection is interdisciplinary, including both jurists and social scientists. It brings together case studies of legal and normative complexity rooted in the legal and social sciences, especially comparative law and legal or normative pluralism. These studies, on both the past and the present, focus on (i) the internal complexity of state laws or other non-state normative orders (religious, customary, etc) and (ii), where possible, the relationship between these state laws and non-state normative orders. Critical to the project is an appreciation of the gap between the titular principles of legal and normative orders and their actual practices.

Individuals or institutions interested in the Mediterranean Hybridity Project, should contact Seán Patrick Donlan (sean.donlan@ul.ie) for additional information.

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