14 August 2012

NOTICE: Palmer on Mixed Jurisdictions Worldwide

To my embarassment, I've somehow forgotten to mention the publication--a little over a month ago--of a second edition of Vernon Palmer, Mixed jurisdictions worldwide: the third legal family (2012):
Mixed Jurisdictions Worldwide 
This examination of the mixed-jurisdiction experience makes use of an innovative cross-comparative methodology to provide a wealth of detail on each of the nine countries studied. It identifies the deep resemblances and salient traits of this legal family, and the broad analytical overview highlights the family links while providing a detailed individual treatment of each country which reveals their individual personalities.

This updated second edition includes two new countries (Botswana and Malta), and the appendixes explore all other mixed jurisdictions and contain a special report on Cameroon.

The contents include:

Part I        Introduction and comparative overview
  • Introduction to the mixed jurisdictions - Palmer
  • A descriptive and comparative overview - Palmer

Part II       The comparative evidence
  • The Republic of South Africa - C. G. Van Der Merwe, Jacques du Plessis, Marius de Waal, Reinhard Zimmermann, and Paul Farlam
  • Scotland - Elspeth Reid
  • Louisiana - Palmer and Harry Borowski
  • Quebec - Michael Mcauley
  • Puerto Rico - Luis Muñiz-Argüelles
  • The Philippines - Pacifico Agabin
  • Botswana - Charles Fombad
  • Malta - Biagio Andó, Kevin Aquilina, J. Scerri-Diacono, and David Zammit
  • Israel - Tamar Gidron
Conclusions - Palmer

Appendix A    Questionnaire
Appendix B    Other mixed jurisdictions of the world
Appendix C    Special report on Cameroon

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