15 August 2012

NOTICE: Comparative Law Review

A special issue of the Comparative Law Review, focusing on ‘The Third Globalization of Legal Thought’, was posted in the spring. Like all of its articles, these are available online. (2012) 3:1 Comparative Law Review includes:

  • John Henry Schlegel - Together Again
  • Catharine Wells - Beyond bed and bread: making the African State through Marriage Law Reform - Thoughts on Duncan Kennedy's Third Globalization
  • Sylvia Wairimu Kang’Ara - Constitutive and Transformative influences of Anglo-American legal thought
  • Jorge L. Esquirol - The “Three Globalizations” in Latin America
  • Aya Gruber - Duncan Kennedy's Third Globalization, Criminal Law and the Spectacle
  • Amy J. Cohen - ADR and some thoughts on the social in Duncan Kennedy's Third Globalization of legal thought
  • Justin Desautels-Stein - Experimental pragmatism in the Third Globalization
  • Giovanni Marini - Taking comparative law lightly. On some uses of comparative law in the Third Globalization
  • Barbara Muszyńska, Petra Nováková, and Wibo van Rossum - Fighting corruption in Polish and Czech legal cultures
  • Antonina Peri - Judicial independence vs. judicial accountability. Judicial selection models for Constitutional Courts. A comparative analysis
The previous issue, (2011) 2:2 Comparative Law Review, included the following:

  • Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich - The dark side of the force: Superstition and/as Law
  • Giuseppe Franco Ferrari and Oreste Pollicino - The impact of supranational laws on the national sovereignty of member states, with particular regard to the judicial reaction of UK and Italy to the new aggressive approach of the European Court of Human Rights
  • Cesare Pinelli - Legal treatment of past political violence and comparative constitutionalism
  • Jean Ho - Comparative law and the claim of causation
  • Graziella Romeo - Citizenship in the age of globalisation 

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