31 May 2012

NOTICE: New volumes of (i) Transnational Legal Theory and (ii) Law and Humanities

The latest volumes of Transnational Legal Theory and Law and Humanities, both published by Hart Publishingare now out:

What is ‘General’ Jurisprudence? A Critique of Universalistic Claims by Philosophical Concepts of Law
Brian Tamanaha

A Plural Account of the Transnational Law Merchant
Leon E Trakman

Private International Law Beyond the Schism
Horatia Muir Watt

Between the Nihilism of the Young and the Positivism of the Old: Justice and the Novel in DH Lawrence
Desmond Manderson

Screening the Law in China: Law, Image and Evidence in Three Documentaries on HIV/AIDS Cases by Ai Xiaoming
Marco Wan

Carry On Up the Aisle!
Rebecca Probert

Edmund Spenser and Chancery in 1597
Andrew Hadfield and Simon Healy

Wittgenstein’s Tractatus and the Law
Ben Herzberger

Comics, Law, and Aesthetics: Towards the Use of Graphic Fiction in Legal Studies
Thomas Giddens

Continuing Professional Education in Legal Ethics through Literature: An Example Using Dickens’s Bleak House
Kieran Dolin 

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