21 March 2012

RE: Mediterranean Legal Hybridity – A special issue of the Journal of Civil Law Studies drawn from the Juris Diversitas Conference (Malta, 11-12 June 2010)

Juris Diversitas is proud to announce that papers drawn from our Maltese Conference, held in 11-12 June 2010, have been published in the Journal of Civil Law Studies (US).



The conference’s theme was ‘Mediterranean Legal Hybridity’ and the collection is available online.


The keynote speech, Olivier Moréteau’sMare Nostrum as the Cauldron of Western Legal Traditions: Stirring the Broth, Making Sense of Legal Gumbo whilst Understanding Contamination is included.


Seán Patrick Donlan’s The Mediterranean Hybridity Project: Crossing the Boundaries of Law and Culture, an overview of Juris Diversitas’ Mediterranean Hybridity Project, is also included.


Other papers include (in alphabetical order):


·Biagio Andò - The Role of Judges in the Development of Mixed Legal Systems: The Case of Malta

·Kevin Aquilina - Rethinking Maltese Legal Hybridity: A Chimeric Illusion or a Healthy Grafted European Law Mixture?  

·Eliana Augusti - From Capitulations to Unequal Treaties: The Matter of an Extraterritorial Jurisdiction in the Ottoman Empire 

·Simone Benvenuti - Judicial Training in Turkey in Light of Constitutional Traditions and Europeanization

·Fiona Cilia - Quantifying Damages for Lucrum Cessans in Tort: A Fusion of Sources Creating a Unique Legal Structure for Malta

·Alessio Lo Giudice - The Mediterranean Legacy in the Concept of Sovereignty: A Case of Legal and Philosophical Hybridity

·Aniceto Masferrer - Plurality of Laws, Legal Traditions and Codification in Spain

·Simon Mercieca - How Was Judicial Power Balanced in Malta in Early Modern Times? A Cursory Look at the Maltese Legal System through a Historical Perspective 

·Claude Micallef-Grimaud - Article 1045 of the Maltese Civil Code: Is Compensation for Moral Damage Compatible Therewith?

·David E Zammit - Maltese Court Delays and the Ethnography of Legal Practice

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