13 January 2012

NOTICE: New Issue of Jurisprudence

The newest issue of Jurisprudence is now available. It includes.


Natural Law Beyond Finnis
Jonathan Crowe

Self-Reference of the Constitutional State: A Systems Theory Interpretation of the Kelsen-Schmitt Debate
Jiří Přibáň


Three Comments on Joseph Raz’s Conception of Normativity

George Pavlakos

Raz’s Nexus
Niko Kolodny

Guided by Reasons: Raz on the Normative-Explanatory Nexus
Ulrike Heuer

Problems of Intellectualism: Raz on Reason and its Objects
Douglas Lavin


Five reviews of Rae Langton, Sexual Solipsism: Philosophical Essays on Pornography and Objectification, with a response from Rae Langton

Subordination, Silencing, and Two Ideas of Illocution
Jennifer Hornsby

Against Langton’s Illocutionary Treatment of Pornography
Louise Antony

Maker’s Knowledge or Perpetuator’s Ignorance
Jennifer Saul

Langton on Objectification and Autonomy-Denial
Natalie Stoljar

Finding Love in the Kingdom of Ends
Nellie Wieland

Rae Langton

Three reviews of Andrei Marmor, Social Conventions: From Language to Law, with a response from Andrei Marmor

Marmor on the Arbitrariness of Constitutive Conventions
Federico José Arena

The Role of Conventions in Law
Dale Smith

The Conventionality of Promising: A Defence
Hanoch Sheinman

Conventions Revisited: A Reply to Critics
Andrei Marmor

Conceptual Collisions: A Review of Keith Culver and Michael Giudice, Legality’s Borders: An Essay in General Jurisprudence
Andrew Halpin

Philosophy for International Lawyers: A Review of Samantha Besson and John Tasioulas (eds), The Philosophy of International Law
Patrick Capps

Reasonableness, thy Name is Nature: A Review of John Finnis, Natural Law & Natural Rights
Andrés Rosler

Coercion and the State: A Review of B Sharon Byrd and Joachim Hruschka, Kant’s Doctrine of Right: A Commentary
Helga Varden

Intentions, Blame, and Contractualism: A Review of Tim Scanlon, Moral Dimensions: Permissibility, Meaning, Blame
Jussi Suikkanen

Discourse, Principles, and the Problem of Law and Morality: Robert Alexy’s Three Main Works
Martin Borowski

A Review of Izhak Englard, Corrective and Distributive Justice: From Aristotle to Modern Times
Sean Coyle

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