10 December 2011

CALL FOR PAPERS: Kent Critical Law Society Conference

The first annual conference of the Kent Critical Law Society will take place on the 10-11 March 2012.
Aimed at all those who have an interest in critical perspectives on current legal issues, the conference is entitled ‘Equality- Are We There Yet?’

Submissions by 1 February 2012. Please direct all enquiries to: conference@kentcls.org

The website notes:

Our aim for this conference is to provide an open space for intellectual discussion, debate and criticism of the law and legal systems from a variety of different professional and academic perspectives.

Naturally within the Critical Legal Society, there is much interest amongst the students to discuss the Law within its wider social/political context; therefore there is a large focus on equality within the legal system and professions in the majority of our discussions, a topic which provides a large scope for debate, generating much enthusiasm. In evaluating the current state of equality within our own and other legal systems, we feel we can develop more in depth understanding of the wider social and political impact policies and the law. In recent years there has been much domestic legislation aiming to create and assist the development of a more equal society and we feel that this law must be looked at critically to explore its in-practice impact and significance socially, economically and politically.

The conference will be held over two days beginning with a video introduction from Michael Mansfield, who unfortunately cannot attend in person, and will have two different plenary speakers on each day as well as the opportunity for you to attend some of the panels listed below.

Gender Sexuality and the Law
Race, Ethnicity and the Law
Equality in Employment Law
Tuition Fees; are they re-establishing class divide?
Equality Act 2010
EU and Equality
Property Law and Equality
Age Discrimination
Feminist Perspectives on equality in Law
Human Rights Act 1998- does it promote equality?
Religion and Equality
Equality and the cuts
Equality, housing and homelessness
The Law of Protest and Activism
Sharia Law in England
Judicial Appointments
Equality for Witnesses and Victims
Equality and the Financial system
Access to justice and Equality- The Legal Aid Cuts
Determinism and Equality- Should all Defendants be treated equally despite conditioning?
Forced Migration and the Law
Legal Equality in the Family
Equality in Freedom of Speech

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