10 December 2011

CALL FOR PAPERS: Justice Studies Association Conference

The Justice Studies Association seeks presentations for its 14th Annual Conference, May 30-June 1, 2012, Loyola University Chicago (Lake Shore Campus, Rogers Park). The Conference theme is “Justice and Work.” Possible topics for presentation include:

—How the distribution of and compensation for work affects the quality of life and development of persons, families, communities, and societies
—The just distribution of work in the family and school
—Immigration and work and societal responses to "illegal" work
—Gender, race, class, sexual orientation, and political ideology in the workplace
—Cooperation, mutual aid, collaboration, and shared decision-making in work situations and their salutary effect on personal and collective well-being
—Historical and contemporary struggles over collective bargaining and unions (e. g. the Pullman Strike of 1894 and recent corporate and governmental incursions into unions in the United States)
—Having a "Calling in Life" or "Life's Work" as opposed to a career
—Philosophies of work and employment especially those that promote freedom from work
—Labor in prison settings such as correctional institutions and internment camps
—Separation of work from healthful living in contemporary society
—Utopian visions of work in literature, film, and communal living arrangements

We also seek presentations that relate matters of work not only to quality of life generally but also to how individuals choose to live justly. Presenters might wish to touch upon as well topics related to peacemaking, restorative justice, and nonviolent conflict resolution. The Association puts great emphasis on the full participation of all at its conferences so presenters are encouraged to be brief. All sessions are plenary. We also seek to foster an atmosphere of hospitality during meals and after the work of the day is done. You may submit an abstract for a scholarly paper or propose an entire panel session. JSA also encourages more creative modes of presentation including but not limited to video, photography, song, and interactive sessions. Those interested in participating in the conference should send a title and abstract (fewer than 200 words) to 2012 Program Chair, Dan Okada dokada@csus.edu before March 1, 2012. We will make notifications of acceptance on a revolving basis.

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