15 June 2011

Journal of Civil Law Studies: Volume 4 Issue 1 (May 2011) is Online

The Center of Civil Law Studies at the LSU Law Center announces the publication of Volume 4 Issue 1 of the Journal of Civil Law Studies (JCLS). All volumes are freely accessible online, at http://www.law.lsu.edu/jcls.


  • Is the Pre-20th Century American Legal System a Common Law System? An Exercise in Legal Taxonomy, Jacques Vanderlinden

  • Juridical Personality and Intimacy, Michael McAuley

  • Transition without Transformation: Legal Reform in the Democratization and Development Processes, Ermal Frasheri

  • Interspousal Claims at the Crossroads of Tort Law and Family Law: The Delicate Balance between Family and Individual, Biagio Andó

  • Legal Protection of Minority Shareholders of Listed Corporations in Brazil: Brief History, Legal Structure and Empirical Evidence, Bruno Meyerhof Salama & Viviane Muller Prado

  • The Slaves and Slavery of Marie Claire Chabert: Familial Black Slaveholding in Antebellum Louisiana, Mitra Sharafi

Book Review:
N. Whitty & R. Zimmermann, Rights of Personality in Scots Law, Olivier Moréteau

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