02 March 2011

NOTICE: Italian Association of Comparative Law Conference (Venice, 9-11 June 2011)

The Italian Association of Comparative Law Conference will be held in Venice from 9-11 June 2011.

Note especially, the following session on 'legal pluralism and legal hybridity':

Italian Association of Comparative LawPRESIEDE: Salvo Andò


• Marco Dani, 'Social Conflicts, Integration and the Nature of European Legal Pluralism'
• Andrea Pin, 'La gestione del pluralismo religioso in alcuni paesi europei: l’evoluzione dei modelli nazionali e il ruolo della comparazione'
• Vernon Palmer, 'Empire as Engine of the Mixed Legal Systems'
• Cristina Gazzetta, 'Il concetto di sovranità, tra unità e multiculturalità'
• Koen Lemmens, 'Comparative Law in Support of Legal Diversity? Some Lessons from the ECtHR’s Case-Law'
• Katalin Kelemen and Balázs Fakete, 'The classification of Eastern European legal systems: new approaches to the understanding of former Socialist legal systems'

Note also Ignazio Castellucci, 'The governance role of law in the socialist market economy: the case of insurance law'

For additional information, see the Comparative Law Blog or the Italian Association of Comparative Law Blog.

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