02 March 2011

NOTICE: Garcia on Hybrid legal forms among the Tzeltal of Mexico

The following has appeared on SSRN:

JOSE RUBÉN ORANTES GARCÍA, 'Hybrid Legal Forms Among the Tzeltal of Tenejapa, Chiapas, Mexico (Formas Jurídicas Híbridas Entre los Tseltales de Tenejapa, Chiapas, México: Reconfiguración Legal a Partir de Los Usos y Costumbres y eEl Derecho Positivo Mexicano)'

The abstract reads:

This paper analyzes the legal forms in the southeastern Indian state of Chiapas, Mexico, with particular reference to the Court of Indigenous Peace and Reconciliation (YFCI) of a Tzeltal town and its relationship to other legal levels since the early nineties. On this basis, the paper describes the analogy between YFCI hybrid legal levels and the towns in the municipality of Tenejapa. This will allow to study the separation (and the relationship) of these areas to settle community and intra-community crimes set in a legal logic that makes them less likely to decide on conflicts that can be resolved, as it is subordinated to the reproductive needs of the national legal system.

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