17 January 2017

Job Offer: Visiting Lecturership at the University of Tuscia


During the Spring Semester of this academic year (2016-2017), the DISTU Department of the University of Tuscia, in its effort to promote the internationalisation of the legal studies, will offer a course on “Civil Law and Common Law Systems: Convergences and Divergences” as part of its Programme in Law. 

The course – open to the attendance of undergraduate and doctoral students – will consist of 6 lectures, each one lasting 3 hours, to be held in English, preferably in three consecutive weeks, in the period March-April 2017.

The DISTU Department seeks to appoint a foreign (non-Italian) visiting scholar, who will be responsible for the delivery of the course, as well as for the evaluation of the short essays that students will elaborate during the course in order to obtain the certificate and the 10 credits provided for the course. No more than 20 students will attend the course. 

The Department has allocated up to a maximum of € 3,000.00 (remuneration, travel and living expenses included). The gross sum of € 250.00 will be paid for each day’s seminar, which is to be considered as exclusive of all taxes and duties applicable to the University and/or the recipient. 

Travel and living expenses will also be reimbursed up to a maximum of € 1,500.00. 


The candidate should: 

1. Not be of Italian nationality;
2. Be in possession of a level of competency of the English language of at least C1;
3. Hold a Masters degree or equivalent or a Research Doctorate or PhD;
4. Have academic, professional and teaching experience in the field of the Human Rights. 

The application (written in English) should be sent to the Director of the DISTU Department, Professor Giulio Vesperini (email to sangiovanni@unitus.it, and copy to mario.savino@unitus.it) by 25 January 2017. It should include a detailed academic-professional curriculum (written in English) and a list of the candidate’s academic publications. The DISTU Department will give communication of the results of the selection process by 10 February 2017.

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