13 May 2015

JOURNAL: (2014) 9:2 Journal of Comparative Law

The latest Journal of Comparative Law (Wildy & Sons), a special issue on ‘interdisciplinary study and comparative law’, is out. 

The Guest Editors are Nicholas HD Foster, Maria Federica Moscati, and Michael Palmer. 

The issue includes:
  • Nicholas HD Foster, Maria Federica Moscati, and Michael Palmer, Introduction
  • Eric Heinze, The Literary Model in Comparative Law: Shaespeare, Corneille, Racine
  • Jaakko Husa, Interdisciplinary Comparative Law – Between Scylla and Charybdis?
  • Dionysia Katelouzou, A Leximetric Approach to Comparative Corporate Governance: The Case of Hedge Fund Activism
  • Karen McAuliffe, Translating Ambiguity
  • Fernanda Pirie, Comparison in the Anthropology and History of Law
  • Marian Roberts, A View from the Coal Face: Interdisciplinary Influences on Family Mediation in the United Kingdom
  • Mathias Siems, Bringing in Foreign Ideas: The Quest for ‘Better Law’ in Implicity Comparative Law
  • Florian Wagner-von Papp, Comparative Law & Economics and the ‘Egg-Laying Wool-Milk Sow’
  • Gary Watt, The Poverty of Economics and the Hope for Humanities in Comparative Law

  • c So’n BÙI Ngo. The Discourse of Constitutional Review in Vietnam
  • Günter Frankenberg, The Innocence of Method – Unveiled: Comparison as an Ethical and Political Act
  • Emily Lee, Comparing Hong Kong and Chinese Insolvency Laws and Their Cross-Border Complexities
  • Peter Tillers, The Fabrication of Facts in Investigation and Adjudication

Noted Publications
  • Pierre Legrand, Noted Publications

  • Ross Cranston, Simon Roberts. A Court in the City. Civil and Commercial Litigation at the Beginning of the 21st Century
  • Patricia NG, Lindblom, Anna-Karin, Non-Governmental Organisations in International Law

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