06 April 2015

CONFERENCE: Methodological Frameworks of Postgraduate Research in Law (27-28 April 2015)

27-28 April 2015

A two-day event co-organised by Åbo Akademi and the University of Helsinki.  

The focus of the event is methodological, and its approach is practical. What methods are available for legal research (doctrinal, socio-legal, historical, comparative, etc.)? What method does the research question of your thesis imply? What options do you have? What are the relative strengths and weaknesses of the options you have?

The event is tailored for 15-20 postgraduate research students, and it includes plenary sessions addressing general questions, targeted working groups with leading experts representing different approaches, collaborative work in student groups, as well as pop-up clinics allowing for short face-to-face consultations with senior colleagues. The event will conclude with instructions for a written assignment, to be submitted online at a later date, that is intended to serve you as a draft for the methodological section of your thesis. Participation in the two-day event, including completion of the written assignment, will give you 4 ECTS credits that you can use against the research training requirements at your home institution (e.g. module code 20600 at the University of Helsinki). Please consult the appropriate staff members at your institution for details.

For more information, please contact Professor Elina Pirjatanniemi (elina.pirjatanniemi@abo.fi) or Professor Panu Minkkinen (panu.minkkinen@helsinki.fi).

Time and place: 27-28 April 2014, Auditorium Magnus Dahlström, Domvillan, Department of Law, Gezeliuksenkatu/Gezeliusgatan 2, Turku/Åbo, Finland

Deadline for registration: 13 April 2015 

To register fill in the form at https://survey.abo.fi/lomakkeet/6105/lomake.html AND send your research proposal to Johanna Quiroz-Schauman (Q@abo.fi). The seminar is tailored for 15-20 students, participants will be chosen based on their motivation and research proposal in the event that the number of registrations exceeds 20.   

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