13 January 2015

LAUNCHES: Juris Diversitas Books/LLM in Jersey Law

LAUNCHES: Juris Diversitas Books and LLM in Jersey Law

The Institute of Law Jersey (Law House, St Helier) will be hosting several launches on 22 January 2015.

The launches include the first two volumes of our series with Ashgate:

The editors of the former will briefly launch the book. The latter will receive special emphasis in Jersey’s mixed legal system. All of the editors will be present to discuss the subject. 

The launches are graciously hosted by the Institute’s Director (David Marrani) and Chairman (Senator Sir Philip Bailhache). Indeed, the Institute will also launch its first LLM, focusing on Jersey Law.

A reception will follow.

For details please contact the Institute manager@lawinstitute.ac.je.

Note, finally, that our third volume, also on mixed systems, has recently been published:

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