28 January 2015

eJOURNAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal

The 2014 vol 17 no 5 issue of the Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal (PER) is now freely available on our website at http://www.nwu.ac.za/p-per/2014%2817%295
You can access and download the following manuscripts in pdf format from the website:
1.     Transboundary Movements of Genetically Modified Organisms and the Cartagena Protocol: Key Issues and Concerns
OJ Lim Tung
2.     Defending the Absurd: The Iconoclast's Guide to Section 47(1) of the Superior Courts Act 10 of 2013
H McCreath and R Koen
3.     The Legal Status of the Spanish Imperial Eagle in Spain and Thoughts on Environmental Law and Policy as Contributing Factors in the Conservation of Species
JC Knobel
4.     Barriers to Advocacy and Litigation in the Equality Courts for Persons with Disabilities
W Holness and S Rule
5.     Reassessing Judicial Independence and Impartiality against the Backdrop of Judicial Appointments in South Africa
K Malan
6.     The Different Worlds of Labour and Company Law: Truth or Myth?
MM Botha
7.     The Regulation of Acid Mine Drainage in South Africa: Law and Governance Perspectives
L Feris and LJ Kotzé
8.     Spatial Practices in Lowliebenhof: The Case of Maphango v Aengus Lifestyle Properties (Pty) Ltd
I de Villiers
9.     Rectification and Party Misdescription: To what extent is Rectification Competent or Useful?
R Sharrock

10.   Limiting Organisational Rights of Minority Unions: POPCRU v Ledwaba 2013 11 BLLR 1137 (LC)
T Cohen

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