07 November 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: Happy Hour Salon "Producing Political and Legal Knowledge Through Cross-Disciplinary Engagements”

Organized by the Association for Political and Legal Anthropology (APLA) the "Happy hour Salon" will take place on Wednesday, December 3rd, 6-8 pm
Click here to view the brochure of the event.
Networking, drinks, appetizers, and an inter-disciplinary panel about how anthropological knowledge is used and understood beyond the discipline, especially in policy, law, and politics. 

- Professor Clara Han, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University 
- Professor Susan F. Hirsch, Professor of Conflict Resolution and Anthropology, George Mason University
- Professor Steven Livingston, Professor of Media and Public Affairs and International Affairs, The George Washington University
- Dr. Helena Silverstein, Professor Jon B. Gould, Program Officers, Law and Social Sciences, National Science Foundation

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