08 October 2014

BOOK: Jewish Law and its Interaction with Other Legal Systems.

The Jewish Law Association has published Christine Hayes and Amos Israel-Vleeschhouwer (eds), Jewish Law and its Interaction with Other Legal Systems.

It includes:

1:  Amos ISRAEL-VLEESCHHOUWER, Systemic, Dynamic and Complex analyses of the Interaction of Jewish and Other Legal Systems (1-29)
2:  Leah BORNSTEIN-MAKOVETSKY, Adultery and Punishment among Jews in the Ottoman Empire (30-50)
3:  Lea JACOBSEN, A Mother's Legal Authority over her Offspring's Marriage in the Ancient Near East and the Bible (51-104)
4:  Ruth LAMDAN, Jewish Encounters in Muslim Courts: The Ottoman Empire, 16th-17th Centuries (105-119)
5:  Donna LITMAN, Rules of Statutory Construction for Biblical and American Laws – A Comparative Analysis (120-175)
6:  Avinoam ROSENAK, Jewish law as Staging Directions (176-224)
7:  Chaim SAIMAN, Talmudic Analytics and Ethical Thought: A study of the Jewish law of the Worker's Wages as an argument for Neo-Lamdanut (225-261)
8:  Shana Strauch SCHICK, Reading Aristotle in Mahoza?: Actions and Intentions in Rava's Jurisprudence (262-291)
9:  Yaakov SHAPIRA, Couples' Place of Residence and the dispute of Rabbenu Tam and the Maharam: Society, Religion and Halakhah (292-327)
10:  Daniel SINCLAIR, Kiddush Hashem (Sanctification of the Divine Name) and Some Aspects of the Halakhic Turn to Non-Jewish Standards in Ritual Law and Morality in the Modern Period (328-359)

The abstracts are available here. 

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