25 September 2014

CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT:Minorités et Cohabitations Religieuses du Moyen-Âge à nos Jours

20-22 October 2014, Nantes
European religious diversity has its roots in the practice of medieval societies. Medieval European polities, Christian and Muslim, granted protected and inferior status to selected religious minorities. The study of legal sources shows that medieval societies, like our own, have undergone constant changes in matters religious and that cohabitation, albeit not always peaceful, has been the norm rather than the exception in European history. The RELMIN research programme has been working since 2010 on the legal sources dealing with religious minorities in the middle ages. For this conference, RELMIN will look back on a five-year in-depth research process and deliver observations for a better understanding of the European multi-religious heritage. The conference (Oct. 20-22, MSH Ange-Guépin, Lieu Unique, Nantes, France) will gather about 40 scholars around 8 thematic round tables and discussions.

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