31 July 2014

BOOK: Comparative Law and International Organisations

Comparative Law and International OrganisationsWe're pleased to note the publication of Colin Picker, Lukas Heckendorn Urscheler, and Daria Solenik (eds), Comparative Law and International Organisations: Cooperation, Competition and Connections (2014) by Schulthess.

The book was the fruit of a symposium held at the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law in 2010, a spin-off of our Juris Diversitas Conference there in 2009 (resulting in Comparative Law and Hybrid Legal Traditions):

As international organizations consist of member states with different legal orders and are generally active in many different legal systems, it seems obvious that comparative law is of relevance. Furthermore, with the growing importance of international organizations, analyzing the interrelationship between the two is therefore of utmost importance....

The symposium brought together academic scholars, including international organization and comparative law experts, and participants from the European Court of Human Rights, European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice, Hague Conference on Private International Law, ICC Commission on Arbitration, International Criminal Court, and the UND. 

Recommended. SPD

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