12 May 2014

BOOK: Braverman, Blomley, Delaney, Kedar on Legal Geography

cover for The Expanding Spaces of LawStanford University Press has announced the publication of Irus Braverman, Nicholas Blomley, David Delaney, and Alexandre Kedar (eds), The Expanding Spaces of LawA Timely Legal Geography:
The Expanding Spaces of Law presents readers with cutting-edge scholarship on legal geography and pushes the current boundaries of the field, investigating new questions and reinvigorating previous modes of inquiry. 

Legal geography has contributed a great deal to understanding the many relationships between space and law. Earlier work has explored space that is static, such as the law's interaction with concepts of the home, public space, prison, restrooms, camps, territories, and nation states. But the past few years have seen an emphasis on analyzing the dynamic workings of space, and the understanding of space in various new ways. The Expanding Spaces of Law asks readers to consider what legal geography would look like if we were to give more prominence to conceptions of space as process, space as event, or space as situation or relationship. Questions of space and time are often implicit in the work of legal geographers, and this book seeks to bring these questions to the fore.

The Expanding Spaces of Law brings together some of the most prominent names in the field, and includes new voices in the field from around the world to introduce provocative and exciting research in legal geography.

Highly recommended. SPD

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