03 April 2014

SYMPOSIUM: India in the Global Legal Context - Courts, Culture, and Commerce

I just discovered this Symposium. SPD

Courts, Culture, and Commerce
April 4 – 5, 2014
The University of Chicago
Social Sciences 224

India’s judiciary is renowned for being assertive and innovative, as well as increasingly influential in the global legal community. Furthermore, as a postcolonial society, the world’s largest democracy, and formerly closed economy, India stands at the nexus of multiple global networks. This two day symposium will bring together faculty and graduate students from law schools and social sciences disciplines across the University of Chicago, as well as from universities across the country, to explore ongoing dialogues between India and other nations on issues like civil rights, jurisdiction, public interest law, commercial development, and religion-state interactions. 

Jayanth Krishnan • Martha Nussbaum • Eduardo Peñalver • Arvind Elangovan • Jothie Rajah • Bernadette Atuahene • Brian Citro • William Mazzarella • Elizabeth Lhost • Iza Hussin • Marc Galanter • Shyam Balganesh • Sital Kalantry • Anup Malani • Sayantan Saha Roy • Adrian Johns • Kaushik Sunder Rajan • Priya Gupta

For more information please contact the event organizer, Deepa Das Acevedo, at ndd@uchicago.edu

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