21 March 2014

BOOK: Language and law by Annabelle Mooney

Language and law by Annabelle Mooney (Palgrave Macmillan), part of the new Language and ...series, introduces students to work in the field of forensic linguistics and demonstrates the omnipresence of legal language. Containing real-life examples, it shows that linguistic tools are invaluable in exploring legal language and language with legal consequences, and that lawyers are also language experts who exploit the 'normal' rules of language in ingenious ways. 


'This accessible, energetic and engaging book will offer a fascinating voyage of discovery to those beginning their journey into the study of language and law. Mooney's elegant, roomy prose and novel routes into topics provide a refreshing take, even for the more seasoned traveller. The combination of well-selected examples, effective activities and a lean yet thoughtful approach to previous research makes for an invigorating read.' 
- Frances Rock, Cardiff University, UK 

'Abundant real-world examples throughout the text illustrate not only how the law makes special use of language but also how unexpected legal consequences can arise from the ways in which people use language in their everyday lives.' 
- Janet Ainsworth, Seattle University School of Law, USA

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