28 March 2014

ANOTHER CRY FOR HELP: Juris Diversitas Needs a Web Editor


I’ve managed the Blog since its creation in 2010 and our Facebook and Twitter pages since they followed in 2012 and 2013. My other obligations mean that I can’t continue to do this. 

A new Web Editor is essential if the Blog, etc is to continue.

The Editor will have primary responsibility for the development of the Blog and related pages. But the Editor doesn't need to merely continue as I’ve done, ie to providing information on events and publications related to our very broad themes. 

The new Editor might instead make the site a more active place for discussion. This was always our hope. The new Editor might forge more active links with other associations and websites. There's so much more that can be done.

But the Blog is essential to our overall aims. The new Editor would work closely with our Executive and additional bloggers. They'd play an active part in determining the shape of our Society into the future.

And, in truth, while we're especially interested in people with blogging experience, the job isn't really all that difficult. At most, only a few hours a week would be required.

In addition, we could also use additional Bloggers:

Guest Bloggers would be permitted to create discursive, opinion-oriented posts, within the bounds of our aims, for an agreed period of time. The time commitment is likely to be minimal and individuals needn’t have previous blogging experience.

Numerous individual Bloggers would commit to making the occasional informative or discursive posts, largely by collating existing information on events, publications, etc. The time commitment for this will be minimal and individuals needn’t have previous blogging experience.

Interested individuals should contact me at sean.donlan@ul.ie.

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