18 February 2014

BOOKS: New Titles Available From Edward Elgar Publishing

The following titles are now available from Edward Elgar Publishing:

Competition Law in Japan and the EU
By: Etsuko Kameoka
This exciting new book embarks on a comparative analysis of competition law and policy in Japan and the EU. It provides a clear and carefully researched exposition of the differences between the relevant rules, systems and underlying ideas of the two jurisdictions, together with the relevant historical backgrounds.

The author chooses to discuss the main areas of competition law in these jurisdictions, with particular focus placed on the gaps between the written law and practice, including analysis of the current debates that suggest future directions in competition and policy will aim towards harmonization of both systems.

Competition Law and Policy in Japan and EU will strongly appeal to academics, researchers, public enforcers, practitioners, in-house counsel and students.       

Corporate Social Responsibility in Contemporary China
By: Jingchen Zhao
China’s recent economic transformation and integration into the world economy has coincided with increasing pressure for corporate law reform to make corporate social responsibility (CSR) integral to business and management strategy in China. This timely book critically analyses contemporary notions of CSR in China, discussing theory and practice alongside legal responses in this emerging field.

Jingchen Zhao uniquely combines the history, traditions and social policies of China with Chinese law, explaining the significance of path dependence in China. He presents an in-depth debate on the difficulties involved in transplanting developed legal principles directly into Chinese society, and takes a detailed look at the CSR provisions in Chinese company law which aimed to put social and environmental concerns onto the corporate agenda. He suggests how these laws could be more effectively and efficiently enforced with reference to UK law, and explores specific issues including:

• Chinese Company Law 2006
• the ‘Harmonious Society’ in China
• the 2008 Financial Crisis and its impact on the Chinese economy
• recent corporate scandals including the Sanlu Baby Milk scandal, the Wenchuan earthquake and CSR donations, the Beijing Olympic Games and CSR, and the Fujia chemical plant.

This book will prove an enlightening read for academics and practitioners in the fields of law, business and management interested in CSR and the law in contemporary China.       

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