31 December 2013

EVENT: Call for Judges for Oxford's 2014 Jessup Team

The Oxford University Jessup team are currently preparing for the UK national rounds. They are looking for students, academics, and practitioners with experience in mooting (Jessup, in particular) and/or an interest in Public International Law who would be willing to act as judges during their practice rounds in January/February 2014.

This year's problem question relates to the law of the sea and criminal jurisdiction, however input from those with a general knowledge of PIL would also be most helpful.

Little or no preparation is required. Practice judges would be given a summary of facts in advance (with further pleadings, if requested) and asked to attend a session at Keble College on an evening of their choice from 5-7pm. Practice judges who are willing to attend more than one session are very much encouraged to do so.

If interested, please sign up online here, taking note of the room where the session will take place.

The Jessup team would like to express its gratitude in advance to those who volunteer.

Please direct all questions to Bríd Ní Ghráinne at brid.nighrainne@sant.ox.ac.uk

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