15 November 2013

SCHOLARSHIP: The Hague Academy of International Law Summer Courses

The Hague Academy of International Law has issued a call for applicants for summer courses of international law and scholarship as well.

A merit-based scholarship program allows approximately 20% of participants to the Summer Courses to receive financial assistance from public and private funding sources. The Secretary-General, in the name of the Curatorium, selects scholarship recipients.

  • Public International Law: 7 - 25 July 2014
  • Private International Law: 28 July - 15 August 2014 
Registration for the 2014 Summer Courses starts December 1st, 2013.

Closing date for applications: March 1st, 0:00 hrs. The Hague time (GMT+1)

In general, scholarships are in the amount of 1150 Euros (from which the registration fee of 400 Euros will be deducted). Travel expenses will be partially reimbursed either by the relevant donor or by the Academy 
Applications for scholarships must relate to only one of the two periods. The Conditions of admission are the same as for full-fee applicants.

Candidates cannot register as paying participants and apply for a scholarship for the same session at the same time. In such cases only the scholarship application will be considered. It is however possible to apply for one session at the full fee (e.g. Public International Law) and to apply for a scholarship to attend the other session (e.g. Private International Law).

Applicants can be awarded a scholarship only once. If you already participated in any of our previous Summer Courses on the basis of a scholarship, you are now exclusively admissible at the full fee.

Details are here and here.

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