15 October 2013

JOURNAL: Chinese Journal of Comparative Law

The Current IssueThe (2013) 1:2 Chinese Journal of Comparative Law is available. Articles include:
  • Specific Performance in International Arbitration - Ewan McKendrick and Iain Maxwell
  • Soft Law and the Principle of Fair and Equitable Decision Making in International Contract Arbitration - Larry A. DiMatteo
  • Towards a Deposit Guarantee Insurance in China? A Law and Economics Perspective - Michael Faure and Jiye Hu
  • Paternalistic Regulation in China’s Banking Sector - He Wei Ping
  • The Judiciary in Economic and Political Transformation: Quo Vadis Chinese Courts? - Weixia Gu
  • Analysing the Human Rights Issues Relating to the Transfer of Sentenced Persons between Hong Kong and Other Countries - Jamil Ddamulira Mujuzi

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