29 October 2013

CONFERENCE: International Congress on: Global-regional-local. Institutions, relations, networks. Past and future of the sociology of law

International Institute for the Sociology of Law

International Congress on: Global-regional-local. Institutions, relations, networks. Past and future of the sociology of law

21-23 May 2014 

In May 2014, the IISL will celebrate its 25th anniversary. The IISL was founded jointly by the Basque Government and the RCSL, and we would like to celebrate this unique and highly successful relationship. Since its foundatiohttp://www.iisj.net/iisj/de/call-for-papers-and-panels.asp?dminid=_NDcqKjEwXzEwXzIwMTMjI00uQS5TaW1vblRob21hc0BjZWRsYS5ubA&cod=7968&nombre=7968&prt=1n, the IISL has become the home of the international sociology of law community. In addition, through our Masters programme, workshops, congresses, library and visiting scholars, we have directly contributed to the development of sociology of law locally and internationally.

We would like to celebrate our anniversary through an international congress that reflects upon and further develops the synergies between the different layers of the IISL´s communities: international, regional and local, in all of their institutional dimensions. We wish to toast our successes, and we especially invite all of our former students, teachers and visitors to return to Oñati. We also want to critically examine the nature of sociology of law in its many institutional dimensions, and to discuss the challenges for the future.

To that end, we invite abstracts on all topics connected with the general theme of the congress but specially welcome on the themes as numerated below:
  • Transitional Justice.
  • Access to justice.
  • Juvenile delinquency.
  • Impact of legal reform implemented recently in the Basque Country.
  • The measures adopted by youth courts.
  • Civil mediation and cross-border trafficking of people.
  • Institutional, and normative connections between law and social systems on international, regional and local level.
  • Legal systems and new social movements.
  • Sociology of constitutions and constitutionalism.
  • 25 years after the communism; reflections and evaluations.
  • Legal systems and globalisation.
  • Changing nature of socio-legal knowledge.
  • Challenges to teaching socio-legal research.
  • Sociology of Legal Education.
  • Social Inequalities and Legal Institutions.

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