23 September 2013

JOURNAL: Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law, volume 20, no.2 - 2013

The Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law is a peer reviewed quarterly that focuses on

the ius commune Europaeum. It carries in-depth analyses of EU and international law, reports on recent legal

developments of interest in European countries, case note comparing Union and .national decisions, and book reviews.


After the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: Th e Court of Justice
as a Human Rights Adjudicator?
Gráinne de Búrca 

The EU Constitution of Social Governance in an Economic Crisis:
In Defence of a Transnational Dimension to Social Europe
Dagmar Schiek  

Withdrawal from the European Union: A Typology of Effects
Phedon Nicolaides

Reconciling Different Legal Spheres in Theory and Practice: Pluralism
and Constitutionalism in the Cases of Al-Jedda, Ahmed and Nada
Christina Eckes and Stephan Hollenberg

Translation in the EU: Language and Law in the EU’s Judicial Labyrinth
Martina Künnecke

The Contribution of the European Courts to the Common European Asylum
System and Its Ongoing Recast Process
Francesca Ippolito

European Union Fundamental Rights and Member States Action in
EU Criminal Law
Tony Margueryi


(Further) Signs of a Turn of the Tide in the CJEU’s Citizenship Jurisprudence,
Case C-40/11 Iida, Judgment of 8 November 2012, not yet reported
Alina Tryfonidou


The New EU Directive on Energy Efficiency: A Critical View
Gianni Lo Schiavo


J.M. Smits, Th e Mind and Method of the Legal Academic
Tomi Tuominen

Editorial Committee
Michael Faure, Professor of Comparative and International Environmental Law (Co-Chair
Jan M. Smits, Professor of European Private Law (Co-Chair)
Phedon Nicolaides, Professor at College of Europe
Raymond Luja, Professor of Comparative Tax Law
Monica Claes, Professor of European and Comparative Constitutional Law
Andrea Ott, Associate Professor of European Law
Caroline Cauffman, Assistant Professor in Private Law and Lawyer specialised in Commercial Law
Anne-Pieter van der Mei, Associate Professor of International and European Law
Elise Muir, Assistant Professor of European Law

All members of the Editorial Committee are members of the Faculty of Law at the University of Maastricht, unless otherwise stated.

Executive Editor
Thomas Biermeyer

Associate Editor
Laura Tilindyte

Language Editors

 Michael Forder (external) and Anjum Shabbir (internal)

Student Assistant
Stephanie Kohl

Advisory Board
Mark Dawson (Berlin), René de Groot (Maastricht), Bruno de Witte (Maastricht), Monica den Boer (Amsterdam), Albin Eser (MPI, Freiburg),
Cees Flinterman (Maastricht), Caroline Forder (Amsterdam), Vassilis Hatzopoulos (Komotini/Bruges), Aalt Willem Heringa (Maastricht), Jaakko Husa (Lapland), Anselm Kamperman Sanders (Maastricht), Ralf Michaels (Duke, North Carolina), Olivier Moréteau (LSU, Louisiana), Luke Nottage (Sydney)
Frans Pennings (Utrecht), Stephan Rammeloo (Maastricht), Dagmar Schiek (Leeds), Hildegard Schneider (Maastricht), Walter van Gerven, (Leuven/ Maastricht), Antoni Vaquer Aloy (Lleida), Luc Verhey (Leiden), Stefan Vogenauer (Oxford), Ellen Vos (Maastricht), Lisa Waddington (Maastricht)
Joseph Weiler (NYU), Jan Wouters (Leuven), Jacques Ziller (Pavia) and
Reinhard Zimmermann (Regensburg/Hamburg).

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