27 July 2013

CONFERENCE: Law and Justice in Globalised Era

Auro University (India, Gujarat) announced the Conference 'Law and Justice in Globalised Era'.

The Conference aims to promote exchange of knowledge and views of educationalists, jurists, practicing professionals, social activists, and individuals in their areas of interest, relating to social justice and social change.
 AURO University's, School of Law, Surat extends an invitation to judges, lawyers, academicians, social activists, individuals and students to present papers on any one of the following areas of interest. 
Suggested areas of interest for the Conference:
  • Globalisation and Legal Education
  • Corruption: Ways and Means of Curbing it
  • Challenges of National and International Trade and Commercial Laws
  • Intellectual Property RightsLabour and Industrial Dispute Resolution
  • Women Protection and Law
  • Personal Laws in Changing Times
  • Juvenile in Conflict with Law and Protection of Child from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution Mechanism: Need of An Hour
  • Financial Regulations and Its Impact on Trade and Business
  • Industrialization and Environment Issues
  • Human Rights
  • Justice Delivery System
  • Cyber Crime
Deadline of registration is 20th August 2013
Details: http://nclj2013.aurouniversity.ac.in/Default.aspx

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