12 July 2013

BOOK: Brown on the Jersey Law of Trusts


This long-awaited update to the leading publication on the law of trusts in Jersey offers the most comprehensive analysis available. It provides a consideration of the Trusts (Jersey) Law 1984 as it currently stands, and the case law which has been developed in the Jersey courts, particularly over the last twenty years. It is essential reading for trustees and those advising on, and litigating in relation to, Jersey trusts.

The new 4th edition has been completely updated to incorporate all the key developments in this area since the last edition. Features of the 4th edition include:

  • A thorough account of the legal principles underlying Jersey law
  • A detailed analysis of the structure and application of the Trusts (Jersey) Law 1984
  • A commentary on the amendments made by the Trusts (Jersey) (Amendment No. 5) Law 2012
  • Discussion of the case law on the Hastings-Bass principle and analysis of the current status of the principle in Jersey
  • Analysis of the non-charitable purpose trust and its uses

About the author 

Harriet Brown is a barrister and Jersey advocate practising from Tax Chambers, 15 Old Square. She advises on a wide range of tax and trust law matters (both in the context of English and Jersey law), including in relation to settling disputes with revenue authorities. She appears regularly before the UK courts and tribunals and also before the Jersey courts. She is described as an “up-and-coming” junior in the area of private client: personal tax by Legal500

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