06 June 2013

CALL FOR PAPERS: Teaching Crime History

   Call for Papers
Special issue of Law, Crime and History on:
Teaching Crime History

Crime history is an important area of study. For law and social science students, it opens up a new dimension for comparative studies and helps foster deeper, critical understandings of the present. For history students, it helps them connect historical contexts and developments to patterns of social behaviour and the delivery of justice. But crime history can also be challenging for those teaching and studying it. Sources which illuminate the contemporary study of crime may be unavailable for the past; the fact that the people and social issues involved are often deceased may de-motivate some students and dis-incline them from engagement; and, in an inter-disciplinary area, students may be new to the study of crime, law or history.

SOLON invites contributions for a special issue of Law, Crime and History to focus on Teaching Crime History. The issue will be published in Spring 2014. Papers should be 6-8000 words. They may examine any aspect of teaching, learning or assessment, including but not limited to:
  • Discussion of innovative strategies for teaching crime history (such as use of digital resources, trips to archives etc);
  • Reflection on pedagogical issues surrounding teaching crime history (such as how to engage law or criminology students in historical study? Or how to engage history students with legal or criminological study?);
  • Evaluation of pedagogical practice as implemented within a module or course (perhaps with a view to identifying best practice).

Law, Crime and History is the journal of SOLON. It has been published online since 2007 and is fully peer-reviewed.

Interested authors are invited, in the first instance, to contact Dr Henry Yeomans (h.p.yeomans@leeds.ac.uk ). Full papers must be submitted by 31st October 2013.

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