21 June 2013

BOOK: Heringa on Legal Education

Intersentia has published Aalt Willem Heringa, Legal Education: Reflections and Recommendations (2013):

This book on legal education was written based upon many of the author’s experiences as a professor and dean. The author noted that there is relatively little literature and research about legal education and felt it was necessary to discuss the present state of legal education. The book focuses on many issues such as teaching itself, employability, the mission and focus of law schools, the future of law schools in this age of internationalisation, student intake, the link with the labour markets, as well as many other issues. One of the conclusions drawn is that law schools will have to seek their own position and niche and that they will have different roles. This book also focuses on the need for law school deans and leaders to set clear mission statements and strategies and work towards education that provides all the necessary skills and knowledge that students can take with them into their future careers. No teaching as we did for many years, but analysing what lies ahead and what is needed for future careers. 

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