30 May 2013

REMINDER: Juris Diversitas' Inaugural Annual Conference


3-4 June 2013 - Lausanne, Switzerland
Co-Sponsored by the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law and Juris Diversitas

The conference’s keynote is Esin Örücü's ‘Four Circles of Diffusion Infusing the Legal System of Turkey’. 

The conference panels include the following:
  • Challenging and Rebuilding Homogeneity
  • Challenging Legal Traditions and Families
  • Circulation of Institution and Standards in Criminal Justice
  • Colonial and Postcolonial Legacy
  • Diffusion and Contamination in Family Law
  • Diffusion of Small Business Entities
  • Domestication of Western Legal Ideas in the Near and Middle East
  • Eastern and Western Europe: Identity and Transplant
  • History, Semiotics, and Normative Translation
  • Institutional, Doctrinal, and Judicial Vehicles of Legal Diffusion
  • Legal Transplants in Recent Codes
  • Mixed Jurisdictions in Historical Perspective
  • Mixed Jurisdictions on the Move
  • Moving Constitutional Doctrines: Theory and Practic
  • Public Policy and Internal Diffusion of Norms
  • Revisiting the Geography and Notion of Legal Transplant
  • Shifting Boundaries: Societies in Transition
  • Western Influences in the Asia Pacific Region

Introducing a Juris Diversitas project on micro-jurisdictions, Ignazio Castellucci will speak on ‘Micro-Jurisdictions Through the Westphalian Lens: a Research Proposal’.

Finally, after Olivier Moréteau's ‘Introductory remarks on Academic Formalism in France and the United States', a panel discussion on ‘Diffusion, Past and Future, Reshaping Comparative Law?’ will take place with the Juris Diversitas Exceutive Committee.

The full programme is available here. For additional information, contact Marie Papeil at marie.papeil@isdc-dfjp.unil.ch.

I hope to see you there. Seán Patrick Donlan

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