11 April 2013

CONFERENCE: Integration(s) in the Mediterranean

AccueilIntegration(s) in the Mediterranean/
Intégration(s) en Méditerranée

International Conference
Rennes-2 University
Campus Villejean – Rennes – France
24-25October 2013

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An historical process of transformation is unfolding in many Arab Mediterranean partners of the European Union (Euro-Mediterranean Partnership - EMP) since 2011. The political revolutions and uprisings of the ‘Arab Spring’ are not only changing the societies of these countries, but they are reshaping the entire regional landscape. It would be fair to argue that the Arab Spring, as well as the deep transformations of the EU over the last two decades and particularly in the last two years of crisis necessitate new enquiries into this geopolitical context: the workings of integration, its limits and gaps, its diversity and its paradoxes are of central importance. It is the complex interplay between integration and fragmentation that we wish to address in this conference.

This interdisciplinary conference aims at offering an analysis of the state of the “Euromediterranean”, a region framed as political construct by numerous policies initiated by the European Union (EU) towards its “Mediterranean partners” since the 1990s. The conference will examine the normative effects of the Euromed policies and their institutional settings on the social and spatial practices of the actors of the Euromediterranean region.

This interdisciplinary conference aims at offering an analysis of the state of the Euromediterranean in a changing context, observing formal and informal processes, spaces, norms and forms of regional integration. Particular attention will be given to the integrations from below and the views from the south of the Mediterranean area.

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Please send a 400-word abstract and a 1-page CV by the 6th of April 2013 to
conference-med@univ-rennes2.fr. Final selection will be given by the 6th of May 2013.

Further information here.
The full call for papers can be downloaded here.

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